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Trials - Independant trials of CastClear

Don't take our word for how good CastClear is.....


Essex Country Cricket Board - Earthworm Cast Trials - November 15 2017 to April 10th 2018

Over the winter (dates above) the Association has performed a trial on worm cast control methods, products we were able to source and cultural controls. The results are attached in the accompanying study. Thanks go out to the suppliers that helped with this.

View the ECCB Earthworm Cast Trial Results Here


Which? Gardening Magazine Trials Team


January/February 2013 Issue

CastClear Lawn

Wormcast Suppressant

£19.99 for 500ml

CastClear Claims

A spray to reduce the number of wormcasts on your lawn for up to 20 days.

The chemicals break down into nutrients absorbed by the grass. A 1-litre bottle contains enough worm deterrent to treat 100sq m of lawn from September to March, when  the worms are most active.

Which? Verdict

Personally, I’d put up with the casts to keep worms busy in the lawn, but if you’re fed up with muddy shoes, it might be worth deterring them. You’ll need to dilute this and use a large sprayer to get a blanket application. I counted the worm casts on my lawn, sprayed half and left the rest untreated. It’s not harmful to children or pets (or worms), but smells bad and lingered for a few hours. After a week, there were a handful of new casts on the treated lawn, but it looked greener and less muddy than the untreated half, which had more than 70 new casts. CastClear claims it will deter worms for up to 20 days – we’ll update you on how long it lasted in a later issue.

Which? Gardening Magazine Trials Team

March 2013 Issue

Which? Testing Update

CastClear Lawn Wormcast Suppressant

In the last issue we reported on CastClear worm repellent, which is said to reduce the number of worm casts on your lawn for up to 20 days. We found that it was 17 days before the worms in our garden returned fully to the treated side of the lawn.



CastClear has been available in the professional turf industry for a number of years with excellent results from users.  It is used alongside the pesticide based product to control earth worm casts based on Carbendazim.

One professional user trial at a local Croquet Club in Henley on Thames with four croquet lawns of some 3000 sqm had a 16 day worm cast clear period between applications.  They would usually have applied the pesticide Carbendazim.

The four croquet lawns were treated on 14th September 2010 and new worm casts halted after only a few days following initial application.  A Walkover trolley sprayer was used to apply the product and label and water rate.  New worm casts appeared on 30 September 2010 and by 04 November 2010 it was necessary to retreat the lawns some 16 days following the initial application.  Read the notes about the trial, written by the Head Groundsman Here.

When the CastClear is applied to your lawns, you may wish to miss a square metre or so and leave this untreated as a control against a treated area so you can note just how bad the worm casts are on the lawn, left untreated.

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