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Usage ie: Coverage etc

Application Rates and Directions


Chemical in Millilitres

 Water in Litres

 Area in Sqm

 Initial Treatment


 Min 2.5


 10 - 20 days Re-Application
1/3rd initial dose rate


 Min 2.5


Smaller lawn area calculations for initial treatment

Lawn area in Square Metres

 Chemical in Millilitres

 Water in Litres



Min 2.5 



Min 1.87 



Min 1.25 



Min 0.62 

Larger lawn area calculations for initial treatment

Lawn area in square metres

 Chemical in Litres

 Water in Litres



Min 12.5



Min 25

 4040 - 1 Acre


Min 101

 10,000 - 1 Hectare


Min 250

Conversions Area
To convert Square Feet to Square Metres       1 Square Foot = 0.09290304 Square Metres
To convert Square Metres to Square Feet       1 Square Metre = 10.7639104 Square Feet
To convert Square Yards to Square Metres     1 Square Yard = 0.83612736 Square Metres
To convert Square Metres to Square Yards     1 Square Metre = 1.19599005 Square Yards

Conversions Volume
There are 1,000 Millilitres in a Litre
The Imperial (UK) gallon is officially defined as 4.54609 Litres
1 Litre = 0.219969 UK Imperial Gallons
1 Litre = 0.264172 USA Imperial Gallons

The water volume is an absolute minimum and you may find it easier to apply more water.  The key is to ensure you have applied sufficient chemical for the measured lawn area.

Re application at the lower rate above every 10 - 20 days will provide best results but as everyone's lawn area is different, you may have to re apply sooner or later than we advise.  Initially, making an application on day one and then day 11 and then day 20 will give the best results then the frequency of application will lengthen as the soil builds up a 'bank account' of the product.

Do not apply during rainfall or if rain is expected soon after application.

Mow the lawn area beforehand and keep off the lawn for 24 hours following application.  Do not mow for three days after application.

Best applied via a small compression sprayer fitted with a medium spray nozzle. Follow your mowing lines and apply across the complete surface of the lawn including the corners and edges or half the concentration and cover your lawn twice, making two passes at right angles to ensure even coverage.  The use of a spray pattern indicator dye may make the task easier for you to see where you have and not sprayed.

Please read the product label carefully and ensure that you are wearing suitable personal protective equipment like non-absorbant gloves as with other lawn treatment and care products.

If you need an effective garden sprayer, visit where they have a great range of garden sprayers available.

Calibration of your chosen sprayer is so very important!  You need to know how many square metres and litres of water your sprayer will cover and use to ensure correct calibration and results!  Go to and search Knapsack Calibration for a technical sheet on how to calibrate your sprayer correctly.

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