Sprayer Calibration

Ensuring that you are applying the correct amount of CastClear and water over your known lawn area is so important to ensure great results from CastClear and indeed any other lawn treatment product.

You will get a poor result from CastClear if you apply the product in too much water.  Know before you mix up the solution, how many square metres your chosen sprayer will cover then put the pro rata quantity to area amount of CastClear into your sprayer. If in doubt, call or email us first in normal office hours.

Do not use a Watering Can as it is important to apply an even blanket coverage of CastClear to the lawns surface.  It is really hard to calibrate a Watering Can

1. Measure your lawn in square metres, and write this figure down
2. Know how many litres of water your chosen garden sprayer will apply over your lawn(s) once
3. Measure out the total amount of CastClear required for the job / lawn area as per  the label.  It's 200ml of CastClear over 100 sqm metres, pro rata, so 100ml per 50 square metres
4. Divide this onto the number of sprayer fills or part fills
5. Fill your garden sprayer with clean water to half your required water volume
6. Add the amount of CastClear per each fill or part fill, like the filling in a sandwich
7. Top up with clean water to the level of water you require for the job
8. Agitate / shake and spray
9. Repeat with your next sprayer fill or part fill
10. Rinse out the sprayer with clean water and store for next time
11. Repeat at one third of the label dose rate in 17 - 20 days time

Best applied late evening just before the dew sets.  Follow your mowing lines and make sure you treat the edges.  Do not water in.  It will quickly get off the grass plant leaf into the soil.

The minimum amount of water per 100 sqm of lawn is usually 2.5 litres but if your sprayer applies a little more or less, this is not so critical.  If the sprayer applies twice as much over 100sqm then the CastClear will be too dilute and results will be reduced.

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